Vanguard EA is committed to growing the field of Enterprise Architecture and Business Architecture. For a limited time, we are offering free one-hour web presentations for any company interested in learning more about key elements of this exciting field.

You can sign up for our Vanguard EA web presentation by providing information about yourself and at least one other stakeholder or member of your team. We will take a hour to present on any of the following topics (your choice):

  • “If you wait until you need EA, it’s too late – navigating corporate change”
  • “Using Business Capabilities to inform the prioritization of programs in planning”
  • “Exploring the opportunities of BPM and Business Architecture”
  • “How to use Enterprise Architecture to guide software development and maintenance”
  • “The Promise of the PMO — connecting project management to strategic alignment”

A few minutes of the call will be spent describing Vanguard EA and our services, but we promise not to make this a sales call. It’s about you and the value that Enterprise Business Architecture can provide.

Please fill out the form below. Provide your contact information and the preferred date and time for the conference call. We need your name, and the name of the other party you will be inviting to the call.