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Are you building the right things at the right time?
Sometimes in IT, we get in our own way and lose the trust of our stakeholders. Let Vanguard EA guide you to the right project governance for your organization.
Have you lost control of a project?
Sometimes, our projects get in trouble. Whether your project is the implementation of a system or an entirely new business process, there are ways to bring the project
Do your stakeholders understand Enterprise Architecture?
If they don’t understand the value you add, your EA program is losing opportunities to excel. Vanguard EA can provide you…
Interim Architect
It’s hard to hire an EA. It’s harder to wait while you do. Let Vanguard EA provide you with a qualified Enterprise Architect for a short while as you hire your new staff.

Our Services

Vanguard EA is a consulting firm, offering a wide array of Enterprise Architecture consulting services in a model flexible enough for small, medium, and large organizations. We believe that Enterprise Architecture is for everyone. Our services are grouped into the following categories

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The Enterprise Business Model tool assists business leaders, planners, founders, and investors in designing, evolving, and sharing your ideas for a business model. Using this tool to think about the individual elements of a business independently, you can develop a better understanding of what you are actually building, and can develop more realistic plans for success.