Enterprise Architecture Maturity Review

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Most companies fail at Enterprise Architecture.  This is common, unfortunate, and completely unnecessary.  A successful Enterprise Architecture program can be a tremendous asset to an organization.

Is your Enterprise Architecture Program on the path to success?

The architects of Vanguard EA can help you to answer this question.  During an intensive four week review, a Vanguard EA will fly out to your location and interview staff, review processes, examine and evaluate artifacts, measure readiness, and hold brainstorming sessions with your architecture team.  We will help to secure the vision and value proposition of the EA team in your organization, find the “sweet spot” where your particular organization can provide the maximum amount of value, and provide you with a set of measures that can guide your efforts for a year or more into the future.

On the last day of the engagement, the Vanguard EA will present to the EA Manager (and/or the full team) the following findings:

  1. The results of an initial maturity evaluation of the various aspects of Enterprise Architecture.
  2. The results of a readiness review for each member of the staff (to be provided to the EA Manager only) evaluating awareness and training readiness in each aspect of Enterprise Architecture, and
  3. A small actionable set of recommendations for the Architecture Manager to follow to improve the capabilities and maturity of his or her team of Enterprise Architects, the processes in which they operate, and the measures of success that they use to gauge their success.

This effort is mildly disruptive to the work of the team, and will likely cost approximately one day of productivity across the entire team.  This is mostly due to time spent in interviews and project management time.  We can help to minimize the disruption through careful planning.

The value of this effort is two-fold.  First off, our Vanguard EA review can help you, the Architecture Manager, to identify opportunities to grow your capabilities and improve the impact of your Enterprise Architecture program that you may not have considered.  Secondly, the team itself can coalesce around a unified vision and consistent processes based on your own internal opportunities.  This provides coherence to your program and helps build a consistent value proposition as your program grows.

For the cost of one day of productivity, your management will get a clear idea of what it will take to ramp up the value of Enterprise Architecture, potentially providing rewards that the program is not yet providing.

Our architects have worked in numerous EA and IT architecture teams, and carry the lessons of those initiatives as they go. From stakeholder engagement issues to development team disconnects, from process insertion points to architecture review criteria, there’s very little our architects have not already seen. We know what “good” looks like.

The road to maturing your EA team may not be quick, but you cannot embark on that journey without a roadmap. Contact Nick Malik (nick@vanguardea.com) right away to set up a call.

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