I’m working on a single task, part of a much larger project.  It is on the critical path, and I know it is important, but darn it, it has consumed my life.  I hate it when one single decision, one single thread of effort, becomes so time consuming that I have to move other, important, items out of the way to get it done.  I’m definitely working more than 40 hours in a week.

When this happens, it is good to look up every now and then and realize that I cannot “invent” more time in the day.  I have to be efficient with my time and my effort.  My family has already suffered from all the time-stress I’m under and I need to think about every scrap of time.  When the time bucket is full, saving a minute in the afternoon is a minute I don’t spend in the evening.  Each minute I spend, whether it is at 9am or 9pm, is time that I could be spending with my family. 

That’s the metric: is this bit, this task, this meeting, more important than tickling my 8-year-old daughter or helping my son with his homework, or just holding my wife’s hand and talking about our day? 

What’s your metric?