Capital One has repeated that phrase to me so many times, it’s amazing.  The fact that I cancelled my Cap One card after they charged me 10 times the fees of any other card means that this phrase now has another meaning… what should NOT be in my wallet.

Applying that to architecture…

One cool thing about EA, we get to think about the future.  What capabilities are required by the company, in the future, in order to meet the needs of a vision, a business goal, a dream…  It’s fun.

So I’ll ask “what’s in your roadmap?”

A federated ESB?

A common information model?

Matrix or Cloud database management?

Business process execution engines?

Near-real time Business Intelligence?

B-to-B federated identity management?

What bit of esoteric infrastructure or wild-eyed darn-near impossible business requirement is creeping into your five year view? 

I’d love to know…