I ran across a really cool post from gianpaolo pertaining to his work on service delivery platforms.  The model is clean and expressive.

I wonder, though, if there is a variation between ‘pure’ SaaS companies and companies that use SaaS to extend their normal offerings?

I ask because the business services depicted in Gianpaolo’s diagram appear to be tuned towards companies that already make a good bit of money doing something, and want to ADD the ability to offer SaaS services to their product line.  Not pure SaaS players.

Why would I say that?  Because the business services depicted don’t include customer relationship management. 

Perhaps Gianpaolo was offering examples of the business services that would be provided.  That is entirely fair.  However, if you wanted to include the ‘basic set’ of services, in a model, and you were to leave off the customer (in this case, the Service Subscriber), then you would have missed a key part of the sales process: bringing in the leads and getting them to sign on.

No business is complete without the CRM process, whether it happens in a Rolodex, Outlook contact list, ACT!, Dynamics CRM, or Salesforce… you need a CRM to bring in business, track the customer activity, and offer follow-up products and services.  Every business… even the SaaS providers.