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Does Business Architecture Start With Value Chains?

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Creating value chains can be integral part of decision-making thanks to their ability to illustrate how a firm is delivering a valuable product or service to market. A value chain can support other decision tools and benefit competitive strategies with the additional information they supply. (more…)

Making the Case for Developing a Mobile Strategy

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Implementing a mobile strategy can bring huge benefits to a business when done right, helping corporations to improve revenue streams, functionality and streamline operations. There are many reasons why businesses decide to incorporate mobile into their activities and it’s inevitable that at some point enterprise architects will be faced with the challenge of implementing the new and disruptive technology.

Integrating mobile technology into a business means that employees and customers can always access information, potentially improving both sales and productivity. Other benefits to embracing the modern mobile movement include building brand recognition, greater sharing and utilising of information and sourcing future business opportunities. (more…)

Nick Malik speaking at BBC on ‘Building Demand for Strategy for Non-Strategy Organizations’

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Heading up Vanguard EA as Founder and Principle Consultant is Nick Malik, with over a decade in enterprise architecture and more than thirty years in high tech, he has a wealth of experience and advice to offer. Ahead of giving a presentation at the Building Business Capabilities (BBC) conference in Las Vegas, Nick explains why his presentation ‘Building Demand for Strategy for Non-Strategy Organizations’ should be on your list of presentations to attend.


Does Strategic Alignment Get In the Way of Mobile Information Distribution?

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For enterprise architects, alignment to a strategy is often a core principle.  They are well known for building governance mechanisms that trace all programs back to a strategy.  But does that get in the way of self-organization?  The wave of corporate implementation of mobile strategies is once again raising the question: How closely should we adhere to the principle of strategic alignment? (more…)