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Enterprise architecture needs to integrate technology not align

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While many enterprise architecture teams are focussing on aligning technology with businesses, they should instead integrate the two to continuously deliver high performance, according to distinguished analyst Betsy Burton.

Burton, who has worked for over two decades at leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner, made the comments during the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit held in London in June. Burton is renowned within the enterprise architecture industry thanks to her research, including her involvement in ‘The Future of EA 2020’ project, which looks at integrating business and IT.

Burton spoke about the need to integrate business and technology instead of simply aligning technology to business.  This involves not just reading and reacting to business strategies and goals, but modifying those strategies based on technical knowledge.  Delegates were shown how to change traditional strategies to create attainable goals that meet expectations. (more…)

What You Need to Know About Archimate 3.0

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On June 14th, 2016, as part of IRM Enterprise Architecture Europe Conference held in London, The Open Group revealed its new modeling standard, known as ArchiMate 3.0. The speaker, Marc Lankhorst, the managing consultant for BiZZdesign, was joined by The Open Group’s VP of Standards and Certification Andrew Josey, as they revealed the new modeling standard amidst a warm day in the United Kingdom’s capital city.

Charging headfirst into the point, Lankhorst made very clear that the primary focus of this reveal is the two new features introduced in ArchiMate 3.0 over its previous iteration: the new strategy layer, and a new layer representing the physical world itself. Lankhorst opened with adding the obligatory list of all the overall functions of ArchiMate, which provides a universal language with concepts to describe enterprise architects. He also describes that ArchiMate 3.0 will also have visualizations for stakeholders and that this is a standard operated by The Open Group itself. Lastly, an important and welcome addition to ArchiMate 3.0 is better compatibility with TOGAF, the framework standard also developed by The Open Group, in which, as of the time of this writing, is currently in its ninth iteration. (more…)

Current models of change are ‘outdated’, says expert

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The current tried and tested methods of change are ‘outdated’ and need to be modernised and adapted to suit the current challenges businesses and organisations face, according to one expert.

Dr. Ashley Braganza, professor of organisational transformation at the Brunel Business School, made the comments during the IRM UK’s Enterprise Architecture Conference. The conference, which was held in London in June, featured world-class contributors and aimed to give delegates’ new approaches and innovative ideas as well as providing case studies.

During his keynote speech, Braganza argued that the traditional models for change – enterprise portfolio management (EPM), project portfolio management (PPM) and business process modelling (BPM) – were outdated.  The models of change need to change. (more…)

Speaking at TechEd New Zealand on Business Architecture

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Haven’t  been to New Zealand yet, but I will be there soon… From September 4 through 7 in Auckland, for TechEd New Zealand.  I will be presenting two topics (Business architecture for non architects, and Aligning IT with capabilities).

Now, normally you wouldn’t see Enterprise Architecture topics on a TechEd calendar.  However, in the NZ market, there just isn’t the demand for multiple Microsoft conferences every year.  As a result, all the conference demand is bundled up into TechEd.  Due to the efforts of Terry Chapman and the hard working architects in Microsoft New Zealand, the TechEd conference there has developed quite a reputation for hosting an advanced architecture track. 

I’m fortunate to be attending and presenting.  If you live or work in the region, I’d love to see you at TechEd New Zealand.  If you would like to see more information about the sessions at TechEd NZ, click here.