Strategic Planning and Oversight


Strategic Planning and Oversight

Senior Leaders can demand results and get something less

Frustrating as it may seem, the various leaders in an enterprise will interpret the strategy in their own way, often conflicting with one another, with no one driving consistency.  At the end of the year, looking back, a lot got done but the goals may not have been met.  Or they were met slowly and painfully instead of quickly and smoothly.

To fix this, you need alignment.  Everyone rowing in the same direction. Everyone on the same page about what items are important, and what items are just nice-to-have.  Alignment means “we will do what we say we will do.” And there is no better tool to achieve alignment than a balanced scorecard and its associated governance process.

In the 25 years since Kaplan and Norton began writing business best sellers dealing with the tools and techniques of Balanced Scorecards, we’ve discovered that developing a Balanced Scorecard (BSC) is difficult.  Real expertise is required to facilitate the development of a scorecard and to assemble it into a structure within the organization so that actual changes occur.

Vanguard EA provides a Certified Balanced Scorecard Practitioner to assist in developing a scorecard that not only describes your business strategy, but brings your teams and leadership together to drive for consistent and repeatable execution of the strategy.

Many companies try to create and use a balanced scorecard, but find that their efforts are in vain.  There are many ways to destroy the value of a balanced scorecard effort.  You need an impartial expert.  You need a Vanguard Enterprise Architect.