Setup and Operation of your PMO

Most growing companies wait until after their early “growth spurts” to develop rigorous project and program management functions.  While this is a normal part of growth, the value of a good “Program Management Office” or PMO quickly becomes apparent.  A solid PMO gives you visibility, predictability, and some semblance of rational order.  With a PMO, you can answer these questions:

  • Where is the money going that is spent on IT?
  • Are we spending money on strategic needs or just putting out fires?
  • What is the return on our investment?
  • Do we have a plan for how we will achieve our desired goals with the money we are spending?
  • Can we stop ourselves from doing “dumb” things so that we can focus on “important” things?
  • Are we hiring the right vendors?  How do we hire better ones?
  • Are we negotiating from a position of strength?

Vanguard EA helps companies set up their PMO practices and procedures, and to create a group or committee that discusses the projects that are proposed, putting them into perspective and getting a sequence set up to roll through the changes.

Having a PMO helps to address the challenges of a quickly growing company, while controlling the costs of IT and the projects within IT.  Let Vanguard EA help you to set up your Program Management Office.  Our services include:

  • Review of your current project proposal process (the pipeline)
  • Creation of a clear and actionable process for validating and starting projects
  • Assistance with determining appropriate staffing levels and the process by which they can start and become trained
  • Mentoring for PMO staff to help them get rolling
  • Development of a rationalized roadmap and the process by which it will be used
  • Assistance with developing project level accounting practices so that the costs of IT can be connected with value provided
  • Operating the PMO (in mid-sized companies, this is a full time job.  In larger companies, this may require many people)