IT Architecture Services

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Many people think of Enterprise Architecture first-and-foremost as an outgrowth of Information Technology (IT). This is normal since most of the changes in companies over the last half century have been fueled by the rapid rise of IT and the importance of IT automation in the scalability and profitability of companies.

While the field of Enterprise Architecture encompasses far more than IT Architecture, our roots lay in technology. Every Vanguard Enterprise Architect has the ability to converse about key areas of system capabilities, and to assist with developing those areas further. They include:

  • Information modeling and Data Mastering Strategy

  • Review and assistance with developing Data Governance policies and processes

  • Business Process Modeling, Simulation, Automation and Optimization

  • System Architecture review, modeling, and development

  • Communication and Security Architecture review and inspection*

  • Distributed Systems Design

  • Application Outsourcing, Software Development, and Development Oversight

*note: Vanguard EA is not a data security consulting firm. While we recognize the value and critical importance of data security and network intrusion detection, we can help you to find a partner that may be more suited to specific security needs.

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