Not that it’s fun to count to 1000, but kids will not believe you until you show them not only that you CAN count to 1000 on your fingers, but how to do it. 

(I suspect some of the adults reading this aren’t convinced either). 

I taught this to my 11 year old son last week.  When we started, he didn’t believe me, until I showed him how he could count to 31 on one hand.  He counted to 31 at least four times, to get it in his head exactly how it works.  Then, we added one finger of his other hand, and he made it to 63.  We added two fingers of his left hand, and we made it to 127.  After that, he was convinced.  I chatted about the way to represent numbers with fingers and we talked about how high you can go on two hands (the answer is 1023).  He accepted that it was not only possible, but he wanted to be the master of it to show his friends. 

It’s fun and interesting, and helps introduce kids to basic math concepts that will be useful in middle and high school and, hopefully, into careers in the sciences, technology, engineering, or mathematics. 

How can you count to over 1000 on the fingers of your hands?  I’ll come up with a graphic and post it here in a day or so.  Until then, let’s see if my computing friends have figured it out…