Enterprise Initiative Review

[fusionslider name=”enterprisereview” class=”” id=””][/fusionslider][fusion_text]Over one third of “change initiatives” fail.  What’s worse, the larger the initiative, the more likely the failure.  (Gartner, a well respected analysis firm, estimates that change initiatives that exceed $1 Million are 50% more likely to fail than initiatives under $300,000.)

Is your change initiative headed for failure? 

There are many factors that lead to “charging off a cliff.”  Most of them are readily visible to an Enterprise Architect.  Many are completely invisible to your team, your staff, your vendors, or your business stakeholders.

The Enterprise Initiative Review may be your answer.  A fully qualified and experienced Vanguard Enterprise Architect will fly out to your worksite and spend two intensive weeks.  He or she will interview staff, review documentation, probe the process, and validate the status reports.

On the last day, the Enterprise Architect will make a presentation to senior staff, outlining:

  1. The current situation as it sits on the first day, including all perceived and actual project concerns, expenditures to date, and what the team has reported to management for their projected total costs.
  2. A complete checklist of best practices for change initiatives of that size and scope, with each item evaluated by the team itself and by the Enterprise Architect to determine whether the practice is being followed.
  3. A short set of actionable recommendations to get your effort “back on track.”

Two Weeks. Expert Answers. One Flat Fee.

Your team will have work to do, and this initiative review will disrupt their normal work.  However, with sufficient forethought, the impacts can be minimized.  We will be happy to discuss ways to minimize the disruption that this review will cause.  You should expect that the team will effectively lose two full days of productivity during the review process, mostly in individual meetings with the Vanguard Enterprise Architect and in project management time.

However, for the cost of a two day delay, your management will get a clear idea of what it will take to fix the initiative, and that could save you tens of thousands of dollars (or more) on the final cost of the effort.

Our architects have led programs large and small, from $5 thousand to $20 million, and carry the lessons of those projects as they go.  From security issues to functionality issues, from user functionality disputes to bad code, from integration challenges to vendor disputes, there’s very little our architects have not already seen.  Why do we use architects?  You cannot bullshit an architect.  We know what “good” looks like.

There may not be a quick answer to your problem, but until you identify what the problem is, you are struggling in the dark.  Contact Nick Malik (nick@vanguardea.com) or Shane Boulds (shane@vanguardea.com) right away to set up a call.

It’s time to turn on the light.[/fusion_text]