Building EA Team Capabilities

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The architects of Vanguard EA have worked in a variety of corporate and consulting settings. We’ve seen how to set up an EA team for success, and how to set one up for failure. Unfortunately, most companies do a far better job of setting their EA team up for failure.

Does this description apply to your company or enterprise?

  • You have a new CIO or Chief Architect and they want to create an EA program

  • Your company has no well-trained Enterprise Architects in place, although good IT architects may abound.

  • While the benefits of EA are clear to the architects, no one else in the organization understands EA.

If this description applies to you, you need the help of Vanguard EA.

Vanguard EA can provide skilled and knowledgable architects who can:

  • Assist with creating a vision and charter for your EA team through stakeholder conversations, workshops, and summits.

  • Train your Enterprise Architecture team to perform the basic activities of an Enterprise Architect using a framework of your choice.

  • Mentor your Enterprise Architects as they perform their duties, providing periodic insight and guidance to help them get past the roadblocks that stymie success.

  • Work with the Chief Architect to examine and review the skills of existing team members as well as prospective Enterprise Architecture candidates within your organization. The results can be used to create customized training and development programs for each resource.

  • Assist your recruiting and human resources team to find and interview candidates for your Enterprise Architecture organization.

If you’d like to know more about this service, please fill out our online contact form and we will respond to you within one business day.

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