Enterprise Architecture and Threat Modeling

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What should an Enterprise Architect know about threat modeling?

I recently asked on a LinkedIn group about threat modeling and Enterprise Architecture. My first surprise came when the first set of responses were from folks who didn’t appear to understand what threat modeling was. So I guess the first order of business for anyone wishing to consider themselves an Enterprise Architect is to study up on what Threat modeling is.


Enterprise Architects should consider IT value streams

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Businesses are increasingly looking for IT to be more efficient and to add significant value. In order to achieve this outcome enterprise architects need to consider the value streams in the organizations that add up to business value, according to one expert.

Rick Solis, the IT business architect at ExxonMobil, voiced his opinions during an Open Group conference in Austin in July. Solis has a wealth of knowledge in the area having focused on applications and technology strategy for the ‘business of IT’. His speech at the event looked at how ExxonMobil is leveraging IT4IT to grow their integrated strategic planning process. (more…)

Enterprise architecture needs to integrate technology not align

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While many enterprise architecture teams are focussing on aligning technology with businesses, they should instead integrate the two to continuously deliver high performance, according to distinguished analyst Betsy Burton.

Burton, who has worked for over two decades at leading information technology research and advisory company Gartner, made the comments during the Gartner Enterprise Architecture Summit held in London in June. Burton is renowned within the enterprise architecture industry thanks to her research, including her involvement in ‘The Future of EA 2020’ project, which looks at integrating business and IT.

Burton spoke about the need to integrate business and technology instead of simply aligning technology to business.  This involves not just reading and reacting to business strategies and goals, but modifying those strategies based on technical knowledge.  Delegates were shown how to change traditional strategies to create attainable goals that meet expectations. (more…)