Welcoming Archimate to Enterprise Architecture

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I’m going to get some heat for that title… I’m sure of it.  Archimate has been a diagramming standard for some elements of Enterprise Technical Architecture for a couple of years now.  However, with the new release of Archimate 3.0, this interesting visual language is now directly useful to Enterprise Architecture from the perspective of a Vanguard EA.


Enterprise Architecture in the world of consulting

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Many years ago, fellow EA consultant and thought leader, Jeff Scott, published an interesting article in CIO magazine that outlined a useful method for applying Enterprise Architecture to an organization. The article was titled “Don’t Just Build Business IT Alignment, Map It!” (linked here).

Unfortunately, I believe, very few people understood it.

I’ll admit that, when he published his article, I was working in an EA team and I didn’t use his advice either.  You see, Jeff was speaking from the viewpoint of a company that wants to provide EA as a consulting service (he was at Forrester at the time).  The advice he gave was less useful for organizations that wanted to provide EA as an internal service.

With your permission, gentle reader, I’ll spend a few minutes describing the difference.